Faros helps DevOps professionals automate tasks with a single API

Integrations (grayed - coming soon):

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All your operational data in one place

Faros joins all your operational data from across data sources and enhances it with machine learning signals. With the Faros Platform, you can now harness this data with easy-to-use app dev and notification tools to automate security, compliance, cost optimization and more.








Faros Platform

Low-code Serverless Automation

Be amazed at what you can achieve with Faros without ever leaving your favorite terminal, IDE, or low-code platform

Find unauthorized aws policies



IAM users across accounts



with policies and groups



in any language you like


the admin about the issues

Manage new ECS deployments



all running ECS services



with ECR for commit SHA


to find repository info

Retool logoRetool Logo


a Retool admin dashboard

Offboard terminated employees


for terminated employees


to see org membership


the admin about the user


terminated users' access

See your entire data
for the first time.

Faros exposes a unified GraphQL interface to all your operational data. Browsing your data is now as easy as navigating your filesystem.

Get immediate access to dozens of apps.

Discover insights about your infrastructure with best-practice community apps built on the Faros Platform.

Integrate with others.
Automate your flows.

Easily integrate Faros queries and apps with your favorite automation tools to manage security, compliance, cost optimization, and more.

Faros is pretty awesome

But don't take our word for it

"Every company I’ve worked at builds the same DevOps tooling over and over again with ad hoc scripts or with lots of manual effort. With Faros, all those best practices can be shared and reused."

Adam Gross
Former CEO, Heroku

“Faros provides a much-needed unifying interface for today's fragmented cloud environments. It will make DevOps teams far more efficient, freeing them up to focus on the most important problems.”

Michael Stoppelman
former Head of Engineering, Yelp

“Faros makes it super-easy to build, share, and automate tedious back-end tasks with the magic of GraphQL, and Serverless. What Docker did for services, Faros is now doing for DevOps apps”

John Fiedler
VP, Infrastructure, Salesforce Einstein

“Faros greatly simplifies getting visibility. I've had to build ad-hoc variants of Faros apps at multiple companies. Their approach is clean, extensible, and solves a problem I've dealt with for years.”

Craig Sebenik
SRE, Aurora

How do I connect Faros to my data?

With the Faros CLI, you can set up Faros to talk to your operational data sources in minutes. With a growing set of out-of-the-box integrations, adding a new data source is as simple as flipping a switch. Follow the documentation to get started.


Can I connect the data in Faros to other systems?

Yes. You can integrate both raw queries over the Faros GraphQL API as well as more complex apps built on the Faros Platform with your favorite automation tools like Zapier, Retool, and more.


Is Faros secure?

Security is essential to everything we do, and we take great care in following best practices around securing data. Our APIs have been evaluated by third party vendors. If you have specific questions or concerns, contact us at security@faros.ai.


How much does Faros cost?

At present Faros is entirely free. This may change in the future.

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