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The AI-Native Engineering
Intelligence Platform

A single pane view across velocity, quality, goals, and more!

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Faros AI is the platform which is enabling us to measure quality and productivity in ways not possible before.

Gil Clark

Principal Architect

Faros AI is amazing! I usually spend 1.5 hours every week preparing for our metrics review meeting, this morning it took me 15 minutes, and I feel more confident about the numbers!

Radhika Parthasarthy

Engineering Manager

The Faros AI platform provides excellent support to our metrics-driven culture at Astronomer. We are now able to slice and dice data in ways like never before to get crucial insights into our devops lifecycle. And the responsiveness of the Faros team has been top-class. Great team and awesome product!

Nate Kapinos

Head of Production Readiness

Faros gives me clear & unified insights about how my engineering team is not only producing but also the hotspots of areas where to improve. Sure you can create reporting in the myriad of engineering tools but there is nothing that brings it all together like Faros.

Steve Lantz

Director Engineering

With Faros, engineering teams can finally stop flying blind. Faros brings all operational data in one place so that decisions can be data-informed, and not based purely on gut feelings.

Adam Gross

Former CEO

Faros AI has truly been a game changer for us. It has become the primary data platform for all our engineering operations, enabling us to transition to a strong data-driven culture. As a result, we have expanded our instrumentation capabilities with their powerful and flexible platform and we continuously find new use cases where using Faros makes much more sense than trying to build it ourselves.

Josh Schlanger

Vice President, DevOps

Connect your engineering data sources to Faros AI and get the full picture in minutes

From data ingestion to transformation to visualization, the Faros AI platform is API-first and extensible at every level.

Connect any data source

Start with out-of-the-box modules and industry benchmarks

Customize and build your own analytics

For Engineering Leaders

Get unprecedented insights into your engineering teams.

  • Identify systemic issues affecting the quality and velocity of software delivery across your organization with industry standard DORA metrics.
  • Measure team health, tech debt, dependencies between teams, and bottlenecks in processes.
  • Roll up and drill down into any level of your organization.

For Program Leaders

Align engineering work with strategic initiatives.

  • Track progress and effort towards goals.
  • Break down time spent on new feature development versus tech debt.
  • Identify dependencies across teams and bottlenecks in processes.

For People Leaders

Get insights into employee and team health.

  • Identify teams swamped with tech debt
  • Measure efficacy of onboarding processes
  • Track seniority and tenure by team, by location, and more.

For Analysts and Architects

If the out-of-the-box modules don't cover your organization's needs, build your own custom charts and dashboards. From data ingestion to transformation to visualization, the Faros AI platform is API driven and extensible at every level.

We play well with over 70+ integrations
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