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Great tech orgs run on Faros AI

Connect, benchmark, and improve with a powerful, extensible, and customizable data platform for engineering intelligence that provides personalized guidance and team-tailored insights.

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Some of our customers include

Armed with the right engineering intelligence, technology teams can reduce bottlenecks by 80%.

Enterprises spend up to 50 percent of their revenue on software engineering, but often lack the tools and visibility to maximize the investment. Faros AI provides personalized insights, guidance, and recommendations to increase engineering productivity.


Higher Productivity

Act on team-tailored insights and recommendations to eliminate the root causes of waste, delays, and friction.


Shorter Lead Time

Keep initiatives on track with efficiency benchmarking that helps maximize resource utilization and control costs.


Faster Dev Cycle

Make better decisions based on combined visibility from tool telemetry, SDLC workflows, surveys, financials, and HR data.

Copilots are only as good as the data that feeds them and the quality of your AI/ML.That’s our secret sauce.

Faros AI is a solution built by engineers for engineers and designed for the complex reality of enterprise software.
Founded by Salesforce’s AI/ML team, our AI-native platform is compatible with how you work today and meets the most stringent security requirements.

Connect any data sources

There’s no need to refactor or standardize your data. Faros AI is compatible with standard, customized, and homegrown tools; spreadsheets; surveys; varied workflows; and multiple SDLCs.

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Data icons flowing into a server | Faros AI

Get started quickly with common use cases

Pre-built analytics modules provide rapid visibility and insight into top engineering issues around delivery, productivity, quality, and AI adoption. Out-of-the-box functionality is infused with benchmarks and industry best practices.

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A filing cabinet representing Faros AI out-the-box functionality | Faros AI

Customize and build your own analytics

Faros AI is a complete BI solution for software engineering, with AI guidance to help you query your data, build custom charts, and create unique dashboards that support your business and cadences.

Read SmartBear’s story

An analytics chart representing a dashboard | Faros AI

Satisfy all your security requirements

Flexible deployment models, high-security data ingestion, PII scanning and redaction, and multiple certifications guarantee, we can meet the most stringent security requirements.

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A security bag with a lock | Faros AI
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Faros AI is like Amplitude, but for engineering. Today, I have a lot of dashboards in Faros AI, which I use to articulate our engineering vision and track and share our North Star metrics with the exec team.

Mustafa Furniturewala

SVP of Engineering

It’s a great thing to be able to track our metrics and take action to help the team be more successful. Teams are no longer left to solve problems in isolation.

Ben Cochran

VP of Developer Enablement

The data in Faros AI is so good, that whether my CEO looks at it or whether a team member looks at it, it's not an issue. What normally would have taken me hours to compile is now available in one dashboard.

Vineeta Puranik

SVP of Engineering and Operations

Faros AI provides real-time intelligence and guidance to fuel the modern tech organization.

A data dashboard displaying multiple charts for platform engineers and developer productivity groups | Faros AI

For Platform Engineering and Developer Productivity Groups

Quickly link data across disparate systems and turn it into meaningful analytics.

  • Generate consistent metrics from inconsistent processes, with DORA, SPACE and custom metrics.
  • Keep track of KPIs and objectives while also understanding each team’s unique bottlenecks.
  • Combine surveys (qualitative) and tool telemetry (quantitative) for next-level insights into the developer experience.
  • Configure the granularity of reports to suit your culture and needs — exclude individual reporting where desired.
  • Accommodate variations in methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban) and multiple SDLCs without forcing the teams to change how they work.
A dashboard displaying an engineering teams performance | Faros AI

For Engineering Teams

Get unprecedented insights into your engineering team metrics.

  • Run retros with concrete cross-system data that energizes and motivates your teams.
  • Supplement gut feelings with AI insights that confirm the root cause of performance challenges.
  • View and track all your team KPIs in one place and utilize the data for more effective mentoring and coaching.
  • Automate alerts and reminders that help meet SLA/SLOs, ingrain good practices, and maintain data hygiene.
  • Help improve processes and reduce wait times by quantifying cross-team dependencies with data.
An incidents engineering report | Faros AI

For Analysts and Architects

Support every level of the organization with data to maximize engineering’s impact.

  • Pull and normalize data from many sources easily using pre-built or custom-built connectors.
  • Mix data sources into trended metrics with your unique taxonomy and business context.
  • Adapt reporting to reflect existing processes without requiring teams to change how they work.
  • Use AI to identify hotspots across products and services and reduce waste and friction in the SDLC.
  • Track development goals at the team, group, and org levels.
A scorecard chart displaying performance levels | Faros AI

For Engineering Leaders

Tie engineering work to corporate strategy. Transform forecasting, planning, and resource utilization.

  • Ensure key initiatives and outcomes are on-track and meeting delivery and budget targets.
  • Get alerts on the incidents, quality, and reliability issues impacting customer satisfaction.
  • Benchmark productivity and learn how to improve resource utilization of staff and contractors.
  • Green-light modernization and technology investments based on data-driven business cases, including AI tools and copilots.
  • Automate engineering financial workflows like R&D cost capitalization.
A dashboard displaying multiple teams performance | Faros AI

For Technical Program Managers

Align engineering work with strategic initiatives.

  • Get comparable metrics across teams even when workflows, methodologies, tools, and fields are different.
  • Introduce dashboards for running data-driven QBRs, retros, and planning sessions.
  • Improve processes by easily tracking progress and effort towards goals, say/do ratios, planned vs. unplanned work, innovation vs. KTLO vs. tech debt, and more.
  • Baseline performance, set KPIs for measurement and improvement, and use data to drive efficiency.
  • Harness analytics and insights to reduce risk and improve speed and agility.
A dashboard for human resources and people leaders to gain insights into employees and teams | Faros AI

For People Leaders

Get insights into employee and team health and use AI to scale the organization effectively.

  • Merge HR data with development data to understand the impact of geography, team composition, and AI-augmentation on productivity and engagement.
  • Measure employee health and the efficacy of onboarding processes.
  • Use AI insights to execute successful re-orgs that optimize communication and collaboration.
  • Act confidently on developer survey analysis by contextualizing the qualitative responses with quantitative data from the developer experience.
  • Decentralize decision-making to develop new talent while maintaining visibility into progress.

Our team has been in your shoes.
We’re here to help.


Faros AI integrates with vendor tools, spreadsheets, and anything you’ve built yourself.

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Get started quickly with our comprehensive guides, helpful recipes, and API references.

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Explore articles and guides on AI, developer productivity, and the developer experience.

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See how companies like Autodesk, Coursera, and SmartBear are improving productivity in the age of AI.

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Demand more from your data.

You deserve it.

We believe engineering leaders need AI-drive insights just as much as their end-users. With Faros AI, data transforms the most critical pillars of engineering operations to provide better executive visibility, stronger team autonomy, higher ROI for R&D, and accelerated transformation.

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