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Our mission

Empower software engineering organizations to do their best work with readily available data, actionable insights, and automation around every aspect of the software development process.

Faros Team

The Story of Faros AI

Faros AI was founded by the founding team of Salesforce Einstein - the first, comprehensive enterprise AI platform. While leading the engineering efforts for Salesforce Einstein, the founders were frustrated by the lack of data-backed narratives when making decisions on engineering allocation and investment. Recognizing this as a problem plaguing most software engineering organizations today, the founders built Faros AI to empower engineering organizations with the data and insights they need to optimize their operations and drive better business outcomes.

Faros AI provides innovative and reliable AI solutions giving software engineering teams and leaders much needed visibility into every aspect of the software development process — from velocity and quality, to cost, team health, organizational goals, and more. With data that is readily available and actionable, Faros AI is transforming the way engineering organizations operate, building a future where every company is a world class software company.

Our Vision

Make every company a world-class software company

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Our Values

Our values serve as a compass to guide us in all that we do. They shape every aspect of our company,
from our work ethic to how we treat each other.

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Living by our values

We prioritize living by our values over avoiding conflict. This means that we sometimes need to embrace difficult conversations. But by prioritizing integrity, respect, and openness, we create a positive work environment where everyone can thrive.

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We iterate rapidly, delivering quick value incrementally to our customers, all the while working towards the long term vision.

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At any given time, there are always a lot of different things vying for our attention, but we prioritize the critical few over the important many.

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Our teammates are owners. This means that we place a premium on individual responsibility over process. Everyone is expected to pick up the trash when they see it.

Meet our team of innovators,
disruptors, and world‑class problem solvers

Our team is the driving force behind our products and solutions. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we continually push the boundaries of what's possible. Whether it's finding new and innovative solutions or disrupting traditional approaches, we are committed to changing the future of software engineering operations. Get to know the individuals leading the charge.

Profile picture of Vitaly Gordon

Vitaly Gordon is the Co-founder & CEO of Faros AI. Prior to Faros AI, Vitaly was VP of Engineering at Salesforce and the founder of Salesforce Einstein, the world's first comprehensive enterprise AI platform.

Vitaly Gordon

Founder & CEO

Profile picture of Shubha Nabar

Shubha Nabar is the Co-founder of Faros AI. Prior to Faros AI, she was part of the founding team of the Einstein machine learning platform at Salesforce and built data products and data science teams at companies like LinkedIn and Microsoft.

Shubha Nabar

Founder & Chief Scientist

Profile picture of Matthew Tovbin

Matthew Tovbin is the Co-founder & CTO of Faros AI. Before Faros AI, he was a Sofware Engineering Architect at Salesforce and the co-creator of TransmogrifAI, an open-source library for automated machine learning on Apache Spark, used at the core of the Salesforce Einstein platform.

Matthew Tovbin

Founder & CTO

Profile picture of Sara Asher

Sara Asher is the Head of Product at Faros AI. Prior to Faros AI, she held leadership positions at Salesforce and at Alpine Data where she built applications around data analysis and predictive modeling

Sara Asher


Profile picture of Thomas Gerber

Thomas Gerber is the Head of Business Value Engineering at Faros AI, who empowers customers to navigate their engineering transformations with Faros as their trusted copilot. He is an early adopter of Faros AI and has held Engineering leadership roles at Salesforce and Ada.

Thomas Gerber

Business Value Engineering

Profile picture of Dan Balter

Dan Balter, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Faros AI, is an experienced entrepreneur known for fostering business growth and innovation. As a former VP of StarTau and Founder of Spyre Group, Dan’s strategic insights drive transformative partnerships and business initiatives at Faros AI.

Dan Balter

BizDev & Partnerships

Our Investors

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