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Find out about Faros AI's latest product changes.
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Introducing Lighthouse AI: the AI power tool to help you better understand charts and build queries faster

Lighthouse AI is a new Faros tool that leverages large language models to make all of your existing charts easier to use and also helps you create new ones.

Chart Explainer

Lighthouse AI's Chart Explainer is very well named; it explains every chart in natural language, whether it’s been custom-built or came out of the box. Simply click the Lighthouse icon for a clear explanation that helps you understand what the chart is measuring. These explanations allow you to understand what your data is telling you and act more confidently.

Query Helper

For those who are building their own charts, one of the challenges is getting started. Now you can use a GenAI prompt to ask Faros a business question, and Faros will suggest charts and tables that hold the answer, provide key information about the data, and supply tips and tricks on how to build your query.

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