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Find out about Faros AI's latest product changes.
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Navigate Your Success: Unveiling Faros Usage Metrics for Enhanced Faros Adoption

Ever found yourself curious about who's really diving into Faros on your team? Wondering if that meticulously crafted dashboard is getting the attention it deserves? Or who is looking at their TeamCentral page?

Introducing Faros Usage Metrics, Now at Your Fingertips!

With our latest update, we've brought the power of Faros metrics directly into the heart of Faros itself.

📈 Calculate WAU & MAU with Ease: Get real insights into the engagement of your internal Faros users. No more guesswork—know exactly who's on board weekly and monthly.

Track Dashboard Usage Over Time: Watch your dashboard adoption evolve! Dive into the analytics of your dashboards to see who is viewing it and how frequently.

🌟 Discover Popular Dashboards and Pages: Ever wondered which dashboards and pages are stealing the spotlight? Now, it's crystal clear. Pinpoint the favorites and tailor your data strategy accordingly.

👥 Track Faros Adoption by Team: Understand how different teams are embracing Faros and tailor your support and resources accordingly.

🎨 Craft Your Own Adoption Charts: Personalize your adoption charts to align with your unique needs and showcase insights that matter most to you.

Dive into Faros Metrics today by checking out the new dashboard, found in your Faros Reports collection!

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