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New Reporting on Task Dependencies

If you would like more visibility into your different task dependencies - which task depends on which, and who is blocking what - then you might want to check out the new Task Relationship reporting table.

With this information now available to you for reporting, you can start to answer questions like:

  • How many of my team's tasks are currently blocked?
  • Which are the most critical blocking tasks that need to be resolved right away?
  • What teams are handling a lot of the blocking tickets and tend to be the bottleneck in our development flow?
  • How frequently is my team getting blocked and is that trend increasing or decreasing?

Task Relationship information is being extracted from your Task Management System (TMS). The report table will tell you if any _Task A_ is related to a _Task B_ and if that relationship type is either blocked_by, is_blocking or the generic relates_to. See below for an example of the table contents.

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