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Get the Full Picture on Software Quality with the New QA Module

You can now get a complete picture of Quality across your entire Software Development Lifecycle using the new QA Module Dashboards. They make it easy to bring together information from many diverse components into a single place. At a glance, you can learn about trends and relationships in your:

  • Code Quality from sources like SonarQube or events
  • Testing and Deployment from your CI/CD pipeline
  • Software Bugs from your ticketing system
  • Incidents from a source such as PagerDuty

The Organization-level QA Dashboard shows Quality trends across teams.

The QA Module contains two dashboards that give either a wider or narrower perspective on the metrics. The first is an Organization-level view where someone like a Department Head can get a great overview of how all the teams within the organization are doing on their Quality metrics. The other view is at a Team-level and it’s a great place for an Engineering Manager to really dive into the details of Quality metrics for applications and repositories owned by their individual teams.

The Team-level Dashboard goes into much more detail on a variety of quality metrics.

The QA Module is available under the Quality and Testing folder within Faros Reports. It is a premium add-on in the Faros platform; please contact Faros for more information.

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