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Intelligent Joins

We are introducing a new feature to make it much easier to create charts and reports when our data is spread across multiple tables. Data is now auto-joined for common use cases! You can now skip creating most joins explicitly and go directly from selecting your data to choosing fields on adjacent tables.

Notice that in the example above, you can now filter Pull Request Review based on information from other tables like the Repository or Author and Reviewer directly without declaring a join.

This feature applies everywhere you interact with fields in the Question Editor; Filter, Summarize, Custom Columns, and Sorting. In addition to the fields on the table you are working with, you will now be able to expand related tables and select fields from those as well. The join will automatically be applied on the correct join ID when you run your query.

This feature only looks one level deep at tables directly related to your main table. If you need to do multiple levels of joins, (e.g. TableA join TableB join TableC) you would still need to declare those joins as before. BUT, those declarations are even easier now, too, because the table ID’s will now be automatically populated once you select the table you are joining to.

Once you select the “Pull Request” table to join with, ID’s are automatically populated.

There are still some situations where it does not make sense to have every join pre-defined, so don’t worry if you don’t see the particular relationship you’re interested in; everything will still work like it did before by manually specifying the join tables and ID’s.

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