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Improved Task Cycle Time Definition

Our new Task Cycle Time definition now only takes into account tickets that were marked as In Progress for some duration. Task Cycle Time is now the amount of time it takes for actively worked on tickets to go from
when they were first marked as in progress to when they were last closed.

Previously, we used the same general definition:
the time from when the task first went to in progress to the time the task was finally done. But, if a task never went into progress, we changed the start time to the time from when the task was created.

The problem with this was that if you just had a task sitting around in the backlog for 5 years, and then closed out as "Abandoned", it would look like it had a task cycle time of 5 years. To remedy this, we now only consider tasks that ever went into an "In Progress" state.

To learn more about task cycle time and different definitions of it, check out our docs.

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