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Improved Deployment Frequency Metric Normalization for Larger Orgs

The way the deployment frequency metric is calculated has been updated to better reflect the performance of larger teams and organizations.

Some modifications have been made in how the Weekly Deployment Frequency metric is calculated in the Value Stream Analysis and DORA Summary dashboards. Some of these changes can cause a considerable shift in the value displayed for most customers. See below for a description of the changes made and the reasoning behind them.

  1. Deployment frequency is now normalized per application - Instead of displaying the total number of deployments, it is now the number of deployments per application. This definition will scale better for organizations with a large number of applications and, more importantly, it is more in line with the official DORA definition of the metric. While this does mean that the value will decrease in almost all cases (since we are now dividing by the number of applications), we believe it will be a more accurate representation of application development velocity.
  2. An issue with computing the metric was fixed where certain weeks that had zero deployments were previously excluded from the overall weekly average calculation.

Summary Dashboard DORA Metrics
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