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Find out about Faros AI's latest product changes.
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Completely Customizable Automation

Faros Automations leverage all your Faros data to remove friction and toil in day-to-day engineering operations. Automations can send alerts and reminders, enforce policies, and optimize workflows.

Faros is partnering with n8n, a best-in-class drag and drop automation engine. With Faros Automations, you can build cross-tool, time-saving automations that help improve speed, efficiency, quality, engagement, and business impact.

And, like so many parts of Faros, it's completely customizable. Faros Automations let you generate any action based on your Faros Data!

For example, you can:

  • Take action faster with alerting around any generated metrics - Escalate breaches to SLA's with a PagerDuty integration
  • Automate cognitively routine tasks - If someone hasn't contributed to a service in a month, remove their access
  • Encourage best practices - Notify people on Slack when their GitHub PRs are consistently above the desired diff size
  • Create more adaptive governance / policies based on multiple inputs - Add gate to Kubernetes that ensures PR can't be merged until team Quality metrics are improved

To start leveraging Faros Automations please reach out to our team at support@faros.ai

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