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Find out about Faros AI's latest product changes.
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Improved User Experience and Time Metrics Calculation

We have made improvements to time durations calculation and associated visualizations to provide more accurate insights. Previously, time durations were computed as the (maxDate - minDate) for data within a specified range, which could lead to incomplete results when data was sparse or events clustered in the middle of the range. The entire time range of data being now leveraged, you may see a decrease in the value of certain metrics, but they will be a more accurate reflection of performance.This change applies to calculations for Weekly Deployment Frequency in the DevOps Management module and for Monthly Pull Request Merge Rate in the Engineering Productivity Module. Gauge charts in module dashboards, and scorecard calculations have been adjusted accordingly.

We have also extended the default duration filter for the DevOps and Engineering Productivity modules from 30 days to 90 days to access a longer history of data for better trend analysis and performance optimization. This change applies to dashboards and related metrics in the Scorecard and team pages. That default duration can of course still be customized based on your specific needs.

Finally, we have updated folder names in the “Faros Reports” collection to better align with their respective modules: The "Quality and Testing" folder is now named "Software Quality", and "Value Stream Analysis" has been renamed "DevOps Management”.

These updates aim to enhance user experience, provide more accurate data insights, and offer greater flexibility in data analysis.

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